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[Fren] How do I start Opening business?

[Fren] How do I start Opening business?

Welcome to Getafren! Make sure that you have completed the account registration with your phone number and set yourself a catchy username to start your journey as a service provider in Getafren. 

NoteAny accounts without a phone number will not be available, so even after you have posted the listings, you will not be able to sell any products. 

Once you have successfully created your account, you may proceed with the following steps to open your first business on Getafren.

  1. From your Getafren dashboard, go to My Businesses and click Add new

2. Fill in all the form

i. Name: The name of your business. ex- Personal Taekwondo Class

ii. Logo: The logo of your organization. Consider it as your business profile picture. If your logo is a transparent image (in the format of png) you can select the colour of your logo background.

iii. Description: A short explanation on your business.

iv. About: The long explanation. This is where you will put everything you want.

v. Slogan: The slogan of your business

vi. Categories: You can select multiple categories.

Below is how it will turn out.

3. Click Next and fill in your business hour. You can custom your business hour, or just click Open all day or Closed all day.

4. Click Next and fill in your address, contact number, and social media link. If you are an individual working alone, fill in your address. Enter the location of your business in the map ex- Bandar Sri Damansara.

5. Click Next. After completing the form, click on Create Business. Don’t freak out if your business do not appear in the Getafren. Your business status will be set to pending and will have to wait for admin approval. After admin approve your request, you have successfully created a business.

Below show the status of the business before and after getting an approval.