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It is Time to Color Your Business

It is Time to Color Your Business Opportunities in business are the one chance that we create in order for us to become more competent in this business industry. The opportunity that we explore will help us being getting notices from our customers.  By exploring all the chances that we can get, we also indirectly [...]read moreIt is Time to Color Your Business

Color Your Business Days with Inspirational Quotes

COLOR YOUR BUSINESS DAYS WITH INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES Running a business isn’t just about happiness in making more money. A successful business requires a lot of hard work, and there are days you might feel like you won’t see the fruits of your efforts. The majority of businesses are attempting to survive and adapt to the [...]read moreColor Your Business Days with Inspirational Quotes

90's Business Models Remain the Best

Is it true that the 90’s business model remains the best? The business model, according to Timmers (1998), is “an architecture of the product, service, and information flows, including a description of the various business actors and their roles, a description of the potential benefits for the various business actors, and a description of the [...]read more90's Business Models Remain the Best

Why are Mondays Hated?

Why are Mondays hated?

As far as days of the week go, Monday arguably has the fewest fans. People's emotions are often at their lowest on Mondays, according to studies conducted by the Hedonometer Team at the University of Vermont Complex Systems Center ( According to a HuffPost article, there are probably ten reasons why Mondays are disliked.

Firstly, your body's natural rhythm is disrupted. “Getting extra sleep on the weekends is a good thing but changing sleep patterns every five to six days can disrupt the body’s natural rhythms,” said Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a neuropsychologist in New York. "Getting extra sleep on weekends is a wonderful thing," said Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a neuropsychologist in New York. "However, shifting sleep patterns every five to six days might upset the body's natural cycles." “So even if you get a good night’s rest on Sunday night, you might still feel sleepy on Monday. When we are tired, we are more easily irritable, impatient, and displeased than normal."

The second reason is that our culture has taught us to despise Mondays. We were told by our culture that we hate Mondays. “We live in a culture where the prevailing attitude in many workplaces often involves a ‘TGIF’ attitude, and Mondays have become the common enemy,” Becky Stuempfig said.

Transitions are also difficult for you. The sense of change that Mondays bring is one reason why John Mayer, a clinical psychologist in Chicago, calls them “Moandays.” “Moandays involve transitions, and people get anxious before, after, and during transitions," Mayer said. "This is because transitions always involve facing the unknown. Mondays — the start of the new work or school week — brings a host of unknowns that we have to face." People with challenging life circumstances can also have more reason to feel anxious about transitions.

Finally, the reason is maybe you live for the weekend. For someone who sees their weekend experience as all that matters, Monday may quite literally feel like the end of what Hafeez considers to be your “true life.” For someone who believes their weekend experience to be everything, Monday may feel like the end of what Hafeez refers to as their "real existence." “If Monday feels like shutting the door on 48 hours of freedom, it might indicate that someone is leading a double life,” Hafeez said. “Paying the bills and going to work is one life, and what you do on the weekends for personal enjoyment is another life. Someone who lives their life in this mindset will always struggle on a Monday unless they find a way to merge the two.”


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Technology can Improve Your Business

Technology Can Improve Your Business Compared to the past, new and latest technologies keep appearing nowadays. It can be quite difficult to keep up with the latest technologies. However, it is important to follow the trend and make it an opportunity to improve your business. If technology is used in the right way, it can [...]read moreTechnology can Improve Your Business