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Support is a Gig Economy Platform

Launched in 2019, this is a free market system where temporary positions are common, and organizations or individuals hire independent workers for short-term commitments instead of permanent positions.

The jobs are usually in the service sector, and transactions are task-based. Also, the workers are not bound to long-term contracts. Other terms associated with the gig economy are on-demand, peer or platform economy.

Our Purpose

We believe in the rising on-demand economy and want to change the world for the better by providing a platform that supports freelancers and connects them with members within one community.

Our personality

Getafren provides a one-stop service browsing experience for internet users around the area by offering a wide variety of services, a social community for exploration, and integrated with the activity of e-commerce.

Our positioning

To define who we are and how we react to any given situation, we practice sincerity, competency, and excitement.


Who Involve?

Parties involved in a gig economy include part-time workers, freelancers, software developers, graphic designers, tutors, personal trainers,

lawyers, accountants/financial advisors, specialists, project workers, and independent contractors, full-time devotees making a living from on-demand jobs.

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So, if you have extra time on the weekend or a couple of hours after work which you could monetize, then come and join our community in!